Ready, set, recycle

It’s time to learn the importance of the three R’s—with a twist.

The Recycle, Reduce and Re-gift challenge is a great way to help students flex their conservation muscles and find ways to reduce the amount of waste produced by their school.

In the challenge’s five-point level, students are asked to create a diagram tracing a product’s journey through the recycling process. Need a little inspiration? Try incorporating recycled materials in the diagrams, like plastic bottles, aluminum cans or even old newspapers.

The 10-point challenge will push students to think of ways to improve their school’s recycling program. This year, a grade four class from Cochrane, Alta. had tin and plastic added to the list of recycled materials at their school. These students have even spoken to their township and organized extra weekly pick-up days for the added recycling.

For 15 points, a classroom must host a community-wide swap meet, turning trash into treasure. One grade seven class from Thunder Bay, Ont., advertised their community swap meet with a newspaper ad, as well as school-wide posters and daily announcements.

What will you do to practice the three R’s?

Image: Marshall Astor/flickr