School Spirit Prize

Every year, we see hundreds of classrooms across the country transform their schools into more energy efficient institutions. Even after the Challenge ends, schools continue to host hours without power, tend to their classroom gardens and maintain their recycling program. This year, the CG Education team wants to award these hard working, energy efficient schools with the School Spirit Prize.


Who is eligible?

Any classroom participating in the 2015 Challenge is eligible. If you feel that the Challenge has helped make your school more energy efficient, then we want to hear about it!


How do you apply?

All you have to do is download the School Spirit Prize application form on the CEDC website, complete it and send it back to [email protected] by April 28, 2015.


How is the winning school chosen?

Rather than focusing on points, we want to know what your school has done to participate in the Challenge. The application form gives your school the opportunity to tell us how you have been integrating energy literacy in your school and how the Challenge has facilitated that. The points chart on the form helps you calculate the number of hours you have used without power, litres of water saved and how you have been engaging with the media.


All applications will be considered and reviewed by a panel of judges. The panel will conside the number of classrooms participating in the Challenge and the effort each school has put into raising energy awareness.


What can you win?

The winning classroom will be awarded:

–          $3,000 cheque

–          $500 donation to a Canadian charity of the school’s choice