Smarter Driver Challenge

Congratulations to the Khiroya household for winning the Smarter Driver Challenge at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto this past weekend!

Each household selected one driver to cruise the nearly 60 minute track throughout Toronto using the skills and tips they learned from their training with John and Helen Taylor, who are known as the world’s most fuel efficient couple.

Before they could begin their drive, they had their first challenge: list energy efficient tips, sing the national anthem and jump out of the car to wash the front windshield and back window.

Two at a time, the drivers set out on the course where they applied their skills and all of their information was recorded. In the end, it was a close race, with each driver successfully putting all of their new knowledge to the test.

On Friday, the day before the challenge, media outlets in Toronto were invited to come and test the track for themselves. Brian Harper of the National Post came by to check it out. He shares what he learned here.

On Challenge day, Canada Newswire was there to capture the action. Read about it here or watch the video.

Congratulations to all of the households and to the Khiroyas for winning first place and a $4000 technology prize package!


Photo credit: Canada Newswire