So far…

We’re already closing up the third week of the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge! Can you believe it? Let’s look at what some of the classes have been up to! 

Forget trains, planes and automobiles! In the Buckle Up challenge, the Steeves class researched surrounding cities and compared their modes of transportation to figure out changes they could make to have a positive impact in their own communities.

For the Post-It challenge, the 2/3 Superhero Silverback class made Valentine’s Day mailboxes out of recycled material. Students were asked to make a mailbox that represents a part of their identity. 


Through fundraising, the Green Immersions from Bert Bowes Middle School for the Get Growing challenge were able to buy garden towers and a worm composting system to grow nutritious greens and herbs that they want to donate.

Can you guess what these inventions by Webster’s Corners Elementary School’s Division 1 class and made of recycled material do?

The Grade 6 2018/2019 went 48 hours without power and participated in Global Play Day for the One Hour, No Power challenge. 


More highlights to come! Keep up the great work!