Talk Energy Week: Join the Conversation

February 21-28 is Talk Energy Week, a national energy awareness initiative to encourage all Canadians to learn and talk about our energy systems. What better way to get your students, school and community talking about energy than with the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge?

How can I incorporate Talk Energy Week into my class?

Visit the Talk Energy website to find blogs, games, resources and an interactive energy map. You can add to the map here.

This website also informs you on how to become part of the conversation locally and nationally, provides current energy-related news and shares energy-saving tips through social media. 

How can I connect Talk Energy Week with the Challenge?

Here are a few ways you can celebrate Talk Energy Week while earning points in the Challenge:

  • A Green Powered Canada: earn 15 points by exploring different types of energy produced in Canada and hosting a debate with your class. Send your students to the Talk Energy website to find the information they need about their energy source.
  • Community Connections: earn 15 points by participating in an energy-reduction initiative or by creating one of your own. Find local events on the Talk Energy website.
  • Media Mania: Use the Talk Energy Week radio series as one of your media sources for this challenge and get your students talking about different ways media can present information.