The journey begins

Gord and I met six years ago online. He was looking for a gal that wore gumboots and I wanted a guy that I could teach how to sharpen a chainsaw. He learned quickly, so after three months we were engaged, and three months later, married. I became step mom to Gord’s two little kids Emily and Parker. Now I had to learn quickly.

The World’s Greenest Modern House

We brainstormed ideas of a shared vision for our new family’s future and jumped at the craziest idea we could imagine; create “The World’s Greenest Modern House” and live what we call a reasonable life. So, with newlywed passion and naivety we set out on our journey. To make it a bit more interesting, my parents joined us. Oh my, now there’s a challenge! So within one year our new multigenerational family pooled resources and moved into two travel trailers on seven acres near Victoria, British Columbia and began building our MUD house, short for ‘Modern Utopian Dwelling’.

Eco-Sense, as we call our new home and lifestyle, has blossomed into a life rich with connections, purpose, experiences, humour and plenty of learning opportunities.

Our goal was to live a better life, in tune with our core values, and create a home that fulfilled our needs for comfort and beauty while reducing our dependence on ECOlogically and ECOnomically expensive resources.

The Energy Diet Challenge is the start of a journey

The Energy Diet Challenge is a very exciting opportunity for Canadian households to embark upon their own personal and unique journeys. Our role as mentors to the six families involves blogging and commenting along with them to share stories, successes, mistakes and maybe even some tears, as we weave into our dialogue the technical ‘how to’ of a conservation lifestyle.

We are living at a critical time in human history and we all know we need to use less energy and resources, so let’s get on with it.

In six short years we have learned how to conserve 90 percent of our water and electricity with technology, efficiency and lifestyle changes. Now, if only I could teach Gord to pick up his socks.