The Talk

Ok, are you sitting down? We’re going to have the talk — not the talk about the birds and the bees, but the conversation on CONSERVATION.

We have given hundreds of tours through our Eco-Sense home; some people come to check out the beautiful earthen home, some to learn about adapting to climate change, some who are concerned about peak oil, some about policy and regulation, some to learn about non-toxic building methods, and many come to learn about the high-tech, sustainable energy systems.

Recently, there have been bus loads of bankers, municipal politicians, university groups, engineers, international environmental leadership students and even a monk and his entourage.

During the three-hour tour, we discuss how all the integrated systems in our home are connected to our eco-system and food gardens to create a home that functions as if it evolved in place.

Part of every tour involves everyone getting comfortable in our circle room and we have “The Talk” about conservation.

Conservation of energy, water and resources occurs two ways; through lifestyle choices and efficiency. We all know about efficiency — you know, better lightbulbs, better appliances and better heating systems, etc. But up until now, very few have been talking about lifestyle choices.

Lifestyle choices are very individual and involve each of us looking in the mirror and identifying our NEEDS and WANTS. Wants are NOT bad, but they are very different than needs. This is a very personal and powerful exercise for us all as we really begin to focus on our core values of what really matters to us — things like our health, family, good food, clean water, safe shelter, rich community and purpose. Wants include all the other stuff. The most interesting piece of this, for me, is that sometimes the pursuit of the want actually degrades the need. This is why the conversation in front of the mirror or sitting with your family in your own circle can be the most powerful and enriching activity you can engage in.

Participating in the talk with yourself and your family has the potential to increase your quality of life, while reducing your energy consumption for an energy diet with long-lasting results.

And just think of the benefits beyond your family, to our collective home: Our Mother Earth, and the birds and the bees.

Image: Gord is pondering the Talk.