This week’s Energy Diet Challenge: Eco Heros

In 2007, I started my “eco-coaching” business, Conscious Home. It was created out of the realization that there are virtual mountains of information out there about living sustainably and reducing one’s ecological footprint, but I was hearing from so many people that they simply lacked the time to access it all. On top of that, much of the information is contradictory, and you could easily turn yourself into an insomniac weighing the pros and cons of local vs. organic, bamboo vs. organic cotton, using dishwasher or handwashing, stainless steel from China or BPA-free plastic….the list goes on.

Since that time, the mountains have continued to grow. But in my day-to-day work in people’s homes, I have met individuals who are better informed, more willing to make lifestyle changes and are able to see those changes from a bigger picture perspective.

The Energy Diet Challenge

The six households that have been chosen to journey through major energy and footprint reductions are brave souls. For the next three months, they will be airing their laundry (though it will be clean and hang-drying in the breeze) for the whole country to see. In my mind, they are all eco-hero, if only for their sheer willingness to take this challenge seriously and evaluate everything from the big appliances to the small, hard-to-shake habits that every family deals with. From energy-efficient lightbulbs to getting the kids to turn off the lights, cutting phantom power to looking at how often the TV is on, low-flow showerheads to 30-minute long showers, no energy-hogging culprit will be left unexamined.

I am beyond excited to be working with these keen, enthusiastic and creative families. I will offer them tips, resources and weekly challenges to keep them engaged and their momentum going. I hope that you, readers and fans, will be right there along with them in solidarity shortening your own showers, visiting your local farmer’s markets, turning off your televisions and taking notice of what a beautiful planet we are working to protect.