Three ways to compost

Composting is a great way to divert waste from landfills and turn household waste into nutrient-rich soil. Here are three ways your family can try composting at home.
1) Find out if your city has a Green Bin program
Municipalities in Nova Scotia and Ontario have introduced Green Bin programs to collect biodegradable waste and turn it into compost. Check your city’s website to see if it uses Green Bins, then make sure to put only compostable items in the bin. The City of Hamilton recommends ( lining your bin with flyers or sheets of newspaper to keep it clean.
2) Set up a backyard compost
About three square feet of space is all you need to set up a backyard compost and create the ultimate food for your plants. Environment Canada recommends ( regularly turning the contents of the compost to add oxygen and prevent odour.
3) Try vermi-composting indoors
Don’t have a backyard? Vermi-composting uses red wriggler worms to break down organic materials, so it can be done on a smaller scale than regular composting. A well-maintained vermi-compost does not smell.
Your new pets need to be taken care of. Follow the University of Guelph’s ( advice and keep the worms happy by feeding them your scraps in weekly and biweekly meals.