Tips and ideas for completing the Post It challenge

The Post It Challenge is a great hands-on activity that encourages creativity in every student and demonstrates that art can be made out of anything, especially recycled materials!

There is no one way to complete this challenge. Classrooms have the option to use any recycled material they have access to and to create whatever they want. Here is a look at how different classrooms have completed this challenge. Use their projects as inspiration for your own, or come up with something completely different — the only limit to this challenge is your own imagination! 

This class used old cereal boxes and newspaper to create 3D letters. They used those letters to spell out different words related to energy.

This Grade 6 class used various recycled materials to make their own arcade and midway games.

This Grade 1 class brought in recycled materials and created their own structures. Students first had to plan their structure, then make it come to life using recycled materials!

A Grade 9 eco-club created pieces out of recycled metal and hardware that are both artistic and functional. 

It’s easy to create your favourite movie characters out of recycled materials, like this class did.

This Kindergarten class decided to use recycled materials to share an important message about why we should protect our planet.