Travel tips

Travelling has always been one of the most burdensome activities for the environment. As automobiles are humankind’s most favoured vehicle in which to travel it is crucial to moderate usage and emissions to preserve the environment.

 A simple way to do this is by investing in a more fuel-efficient car. When shopping for a new vehicle, compare the EnerGuide labels showing the city and highway fuel consumption ratings. The more fuel you save, the less is burned into the environment.

 Sitting in traffic is the least favourite pastime of most drivers, and one of the most costly. Avoiding traffic can decrease the amount of emissions your car produces, and the amount of energy it consumes while idling. Practice route management on your daily commute to avoid rush hour. Plan your route so that you can also avoid construction and traffic, wasted fuel and aggravation.

 Another way to reduce consumption is by combining multiple outings, if you can, to save time and fuel.