Up-Cycle Competition for Hampton High School

This year for Earth Day Hampton High School students were challenged to an Up-Cycle Competition. Organized by the school’s student council, classes or indiviual groups were encouraged to build something creative with only one rule in mind: using strictly recyclable materials. So for Ms. Myers environmental group, an idea of building a windmill was proposed by one the students, Robin Reid. Once a concept was made, other students pitched in further ideas and ultimately planned to build a windmill out of several boxes, straws, and plastic bags. The ultimate goal for the environmental group was to have a windmill that would have a working propeller made out of straws and plastic bags over the layer of boxes.

Why windmill? Windmills have become well known for producing energy without damaging the environment as much as other fuels such as coal. Having this kind of sculpture enables the class to participate in school spirit while simultaneously promoting energy conservation. The best part of the whole event is allowing peers to bond through a smple project and bringing environmental awareness.