Urban Energy Challenge

After a hearty breakfast, the households went to Chinook Centre in Calgary for the kick off of the Energy Diet Challenge Urban Energy Challenge. One of two challenges the households will participate in before December. Find out more about the upcoming One Litre challenge here.

Jebb Fink and Barbara Mitchell, local TV personalities, introduced the households and created some excitement around the mall. As the crowds drew to look down onto centre court in the Chinook Centre, Gilles Gagnier of Canadian Geographic and Ashley Nixon of Shell Canada took a moment to allow each household to tell the crowd which charity they were raising money for that day.

At 12:00 the challenge began!

Three households went to their “”lemonade stands”” in different areas of the mall.  They were Green Apprentices and had three types of energy efficient items to sell: LED bulbs, toilet flush converters, socket insulators and compost toilets. They received one point for every dollar they raised, Facebook “”Like”” they received and Twitter follower they acquired.

At the end of the Green Apprentice challenge, each household raised money for a charity close to their heart; over $1700.00 all together!

The other two households headed to RONA for the Energy Culprit challenge. They had to identify the missing pieces of a staged living room and bathroom and run through the store to find the most energy efficient pieces. In the kitchen, they had to answer a series of questions about energy efficiency. Households were evaluated on their new energy knowledge and how energy efficient they were when choosing their products.

Then they switched, using the C-Train as their mode of transportation to switch locations and take the second part of the challenge.

As all the households gathered, the kids of the challenge, boys against girls, sorted (clean) garbage into what was recyclable and what wasn’t. Although the girls won, all of the kids got a cool headlamp to take home.

Congratulations to the Belbin Household for winning the Urban Energy Challenge. They took home $4000 towards eco-friendly household items.

Though there was only one winner, all of the participating households did a fantastic job and spread the word about the importance of saving energy.

Take a look at some of the photos from the day and be sure to keep updated with each household and show your support by voting once a day.


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