Using tiled maps to complete challenges.

Maps are a great visual tool in any classroom. Canadian Geographic (Can Geo) Education has produced numerous map-related resources for teachers, including our tiled maps, which are a free, downloadable resource developed to increase student’s spatial awareness and geographic knowledge.

Here is how you can use Can Geo Education’s tiled maps to complete the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge.

From you to us: Print out this blank map of Canada and use it as a template for your students to highlight their transportation routes to the Can Geo headquarters.

Green Innovations: Have your students explore energy issues in Canada and, using our tiled map of Canada, create a class display to show where they are.

What’s for lunch: Download the tiled map of your province or territory and piece it together to highlight the location of where you live and where local farming projects are.

A Green Powered Canada: Piece together our tiled map of Canada and use it to highlight where renewable energy sources are located in Canada.

The Windy City: Use our tiled map to discover where wind farms are located in Canada and your province. Use this as an introduction and a way to discover wind farms you can use in the compare and contrast wind farms challenge.

For more information about Canadian Geographic Education’s free resources visit or email [email protected]