What’s new this year

What’s new this year with the CEDC?

After months of hard work the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge team is ready to make this the best year yet. Here’s what’s new:

  • We have an APP! The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge now has an app for teachers. It’s free and will make submitting proof even easier!


  • School Spirit Prize. This year, our top school will be decided based on their enthusiasm, creativity and leading by example in their community. The winning school will receive $3,000 and a $500 donation to a charity of their choice.


  • School Energy Project. Same great challenge, same $10,000 grand prize but with a new name! Classrooms brainstorm how their school can improve their energy efficiency, submit the application form under the School Energy challenge 15 point level and create a short video demonstrating how their school will benefit.


  • Revised challenges: All 25 challenges have been reviewed, altered and tweaked to make learning about energy more exciting. Challenge updates include new and improved handouts, online audit forms and a certificate to print out and distribute to your students for their hard work!


  • Updated prize structure . With over 40 prizes totalling $40,000, and an updated prize structure, classrooms will have more chances to win than ever before. This year, most points will be awarded $4,000 + $1,000 charitable donation, point level prizes range from $300 – $2,500, and runner ups can win $800 for our video contest and $1,500 for School Energy Project.