What’s your water footprint?

Fresh water  —  it’s something every species on the planet needs to survive, and something Canada has a lot of. Teaching students about the direct and indirect usage of water in our daily lives is an important and valuable lesson. In the Water Works challenge, students have an opportunity to learn about the direct ways in which water impacts their lives, how much water they use on an average day, and how to set goals to conserve their water usage in the future. However, the indirect role water plays in our day-to-day life is a little more difficult for students to understand.

The Gillis green team from Toronto Ontario was determined to share with their school and community how much water is used in everyday items. Students partnered up to compare the water needed to produce two similar items. They made posters to show the litres needed to produce each item and encouraged their entire school to save water by choosing the lesser of the two. Below are examples of their posters.