Will you be my eco-valentine?

This Valentine’s Day, ditch the disposable cards and gifts, and give your loved ones something they can enjoy throughout the spring and summer.

A seed bomb is a truffle-sized nugget of paper and wildflower seeds that can be made into any shape. They aren’t planted but instead, sit on top of the soil. The seeds remain dormant until the temperature is both wet and warm enough to start growing.

Last year, Classroom Energy Diet Challenge participants from St. Mary’s school in Okotoks, Alta, made seed bombs for the Green Innovations challenge. We thought it was such a great idea, that we wanted to share a Valentine’s Day version with you.

To make your Valentine’s Day seed bomb, you will need:

• Recycled paper

• An old blender

• Warm water

• A large mixing bowl

• Native wildflower seeds (Click here to find a listing of your region’s native plants)

• Heart-shaped ice cube or cupcake tray


Rip recycled paper into manageable pieces.

Place the shredded paper into an old blender and add a little warm water. Blend until paper is mulched into a pulp.

In a bowl, mix wildflower seeds into the paper pulp by hand.

Poor the seed mixture into the center of a tea towel, gathering the sides of the towel and twisting it until all the extra water is removed.

Press the seed mixture into heart-shaped ice cube or cupcake trays and let dry.

Happy Valentine’s Day!