What’s new this year?

We’re excited to kick off the 11th year of the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge with updated challenges, a new video challenge structure, a home energy challenge families can enjoy together, and bigger prizes than ever before! Check out below what is new this year. 

Updated Challenges

We took our most popular challenges from last year and updated them to offer 16 exciting and engaging challenges that are suitable for virtual, in-person, or hybrid learning. Each challenge comes with a full lesson plan with instructions on what students need to do in order to complete the challenge. On each challenge page, teachers can also access resources to help students dive in deeper on each subject. 

Check out the list of challenges here. 

Video Challenge

The biggest change we made to the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge is to the video challenge prize structure. This year, all videos will automatically be viewable from the moment they are approved and uploaded to the website. Videos can be uploaded any time before the contest closing date of April 22, 2022, noon EST, but must receive a minimum of 1,000 views to be considered for judging. 

When your video is complete, log into your Classroom Energy Diet Challenge account and upload the file. Teachers must indicate under which category they would like their video to be judged: Most Student Driven, Best Everyday Energy Savings Tip, or Best Call to Action.

Check out the full details on the video challenge page here. 

Home Energy Challenge

We have combined our Citizen Challenges and Family Challenges so that anyone, anywhere in Canada, can get involved in the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge. We’ve taken two of our most popular challenges from past years of the CEDC — How Big Are Your Carbon Feet? and What’s Old is New Again — and adapted them for use outside the classroom.

For each Home Energy Challenge, a grand prize of $1,000 and 10 secondary prizes of $100 Shell Gas Cards will be awarded. All winners will be determined by random draw.

Bigger Prizes! 

We have upped all of our prizes this year. We have more than 85 prizes to give away totalling $50,000! 

Check out our grand prizes below and for a complete list of our new prizes structure, click here.