Buckle Up

Students will explore different modes of transportation and discuss smarter mobility habits.

88 Classrooms

Learning Outcomes

  • will be able to explain the importance of smarter mobility
  • will have demonstrated an understanding of a number of different transportation strategies
  • will have a basic understanding of research and development in the transportation sector


Complete one of the following options. Each option is worth the same number of points. You will only be able to submit work and get points for one option.

Option 1: Design a smart mobility poster or presentation

Students will design a poster or presentation which emphasizes the benefits to both humans and the environment related to smart mobility.

Option 2: Research cutting-edge alternatives to popular transportation methods

Students will research future potential “smart” transportation modes that use next-generation technologies and create a word cloud in the shape of a chosen transportation method.



Please respect all school and governmental guidelines and restrictions surrounding COVID-19. Review the 2021 CEDC COVID-19 policy here. This challenge does NOT require students to participate in an in-person event. For example, students can participate in a virtual initiative hosted by an organization (such WWF’s Sweater Day), or can create an initiative in which they engage their community through the teacher’s or school’s social media or a letter writing campaign (for example, encouraging members of the community to walk or bike to school or work instead of taking a car).   

Classrooms who have completed the challenge

Energy savings by the numbers

water_works 118,468 Litres of water conserved
hour_no_power 3,273 Hours of no power
take_home 25,944 Items Kept from Landfill