Students will work with their families to calculate the approximate number of items they keep from being thrown away for one week by opting for composting, recycling and reusable replacements.

64 Classrooms

Learning Outcomes

  • understand the importance of reducing their overall waste
  • come to know a variety of ways in which they can reduce the amount of single-use items they use
  • take action/make plans to reduce their overall waste
  • will have worked with their families to calculate the approximate number of items they are using/saving in their daily lives and thought of ways to reduce their waste production


Please have students complete the challenge at home, and then calculate and submit the total number of items kept from being thrown away for a week by all students and their families. This will provide your class with an opportunity to discuss ways to collectively reduce their use of single-use items (e.g., coffee cups, plastic bottles) and increase their awareness of waste production.



Please respect all school and governmental guidelines and restrictions surrounding COVID-19. Review the 2022 CEDC COVID-19 policy here. This challenge does NOT require students to participate in an in-person setting.

Classrooms who have completed the challenge

Energy savings by the numbers

water_works 138,460 Litres of water conserved
hour_no_power 2,653 Hours of no power
take_home 107,182 Items Kept from Landfill