The Phantom of the Classroom

Students will learn about the concept of phantom power and locate the phantoms in their classroom, school or home.

81 Classrooms

Learning Outcomes

  • will understand the meaning of phantom power
  • will be able to locate phantom power sources throughout their school or home
  • will have identified ways to reduce phantom energy use


Please complete the activity and have students create a map of their classroom, school or home and use it to label phantom power sources.



Please respect all school and governmental guidelines and restrictions surrounding COVID-19. Review the 2022 CEDC COVID-19 policy here. This challenge does NOT require students to participate in an in-person setting.

Classrooms who have completed the challenge

Energy savings by the numbers

water_works 138,460 Litres of water conserved
hour_no_power 2,653 Hours of no power
take_home 107,182 Items Kept from Landfill