Video Challenge

Students will produce a one-minute public service announcement video about ways to save energy.

56 Classrooms

Learning Outcomes

  • identified ways to create an effective public service announcement
  • worked as a team to design and produce a video


All videos uploaded to the website will be eligible automatically be eligible to be viewed from the moment they are approved and uploaded to the website. Videos can be uploaded any time before the contest closing date of April 22, 2022, noon EST, but must receive 1,000 views to be considered for judging. 

Making your video

Have a discussion about the purpose of public service announcements, as well as effective ways of communicating ideas through them. Brainstorm about the message or themes that you would like to communicate in your video, and determine roles for each student, both in front of and behind the camera. Before you begin creating your video, discuss with students the category in which they would like to compete: Most Student Driven, Best Everyday Energy Savings Tip, or Best Call to Action, to help them plan the video. Check out videos from previous years on the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge homepage ( The video should be no more than sixty (60) seconds in length and should encourage people to reduce their energy consumption.

Video format

Files must be uploaded as .mov, .avi, .m4v, or .mp4, and cannot be larger than 75 MB. Your video will NOT be judged based on the type of equipment used.

Video submission

When your video is complete, log into your Classroom Energy Diet Challenge account and upload the file. Teachers must categorize their video under the category for which they would like to be judged: Most Student Driven, Best Everyday Energy Savings Tip or Best Call to Action. Teachers can only submit their video under one category. Videos should be uploaded as early as possible in the contest to ensure they receive the minimum number of views required (1,000) to be eligible for judging. 

Video judging

There is no voting period. As soon as videos are approved and uploaded to the website, the public will be able to watch them. All videos that receive 1,000 views or more will be eligible for judging. We encourage teachers to upload their videos as early as possible in the contest to ensure the video receives enough views for judging. Videos must be viewed in their entirety for a view count to be added. 

Judging rubric for video finalists



Please respect all school and governmental guidelines and restrictions surrounding COVID-19. Review the 2022 CEDC COVID-19 policy here. This challenge does not require students to gather together - video segments can be filmed individually and stitched together if required.

Classrooms who have completed the challenge

Energy savings by the numbers

water_works 138,460 Litres of water conserved
hour_no_power 2,653 Hours of no power
take_home 107,182 Items Kept from Landfill