What’s Old is New Again

Students will use recycled materials to create art displays and upcycled objects and encourage others to be more energy aware.

92 Classrooms

Learning Outcomes

  • creatively portray a message in visual form
  • determine appropriate language and designs to attract the attention of fellow students, teachers and the community


Please complete the activity to develop an art exhibit or series of models or upcycled objects while focusing on the importance of reusing materials.



Please respect all school and governmental guidelines and restrictions surrounding COVID-19. Review the 2021 CEDC COVID-19 policy here. This challenge does NOT require students to participate in an in-person event.

Classrooms who have completed the challenge

Energy savings by the numbers

water_works 118,468 Litres of water conserved
hour_no_power 3,273 Hours of no power
take_home 25,944 Items Kept from Landfill