COVID-19 Policy

At Canadian Geographic Enterprises we understand that all across Canada schools may have been closed and/or an increased number of students have been enrolled in online learning as part of the national effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect Canadians.

Canadians across the country have all been affected. We also understand that the changes that have become necessary to address the spread of COVID-19 have caused difficulties for teachers to participate in the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge 2022 (CEDC). We are dedicated to ensuring that the CEDC will continue until such time as it is no longer possible (whether for health, public safety or other reasons) to do so. We feel that it is essential that teachers and their students, as well as families and members of the public are able to participate in the CEDC and learn about energy conservation in a manner that respects the need for increased precautionary measures.

Adapting Challenges

When possible, we will be maintaining the traditional structure, deadlines, and prizing for the CEDC but we have adapted CEDC challenges to be more easily completed by members of the classroom who are enrolled in online learning, learning at home and/or self-isolating. We have worked to identify how challenges may be completed both by those in a classroom as well as those enrolled in online learning. We are inviting classrooms to show off their creativity and ingenuity to complete any outstanding challenges, and we are encouraging students to bring the CEDC into their homes! We understand that every teacher has an individual way of communicating with students and their families. Teachers can decide how they would like to introduce the subject to their students. We are also expanding the CEDC to include families and members of the public – let’s all learn more about energy use/conservation in a way that is safe and responsive to changing social and public health requirements.


Safety is of paramount importance. If your students are able to complete the challenges safely – whether in a classroom setting or remotely, while adhering to requirements from municipal/provincial/federal government (including quarantine), schools, principals, and school boards, teachers may submit proof of the completion of the challenges. Completing the challenges does not require students to gather in groups, make purchases, or go against any applicable instructions or restrictions regarding safety and COVID-19.

Families and individuals who participate in the CEDC must also adhere to all applicable requirements from municipal/provincial/federal government (including quarantine) as well as from all applicable regulatory agencies and public health authorities.

Video Challenge

When video challenges are being filmed, all rules, requirements and public health safety measures must be followed. Students must follow the requirements of their governments concerning physical distancing, self-isolation, and quarantine.


Prizes will be delivered when it is reasonably feasible and safe to do so. Delivery of prizes may be delayed if schools are closed, if CGE is unable to effect delivery of a prize for reasons beyond its control or if a delay in the delivery of the prize is necessary to address or effect a COVID-19 safety measure.

Future Changes

As the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to evolve, this Policy may have to change. The CEDC website will be updated with any developments or changes to this Policy.

We understand that each CEDC participant’s situation is different. We acknowledge the unfortunate circumstances that, in some cases, provincial/school board directions or other regulatory or public health requirements, may eliminate or reduce the ability of teachers to communicate with their students or eliminate or reduce the ability of classrooms, families or individuals to participate in the CEDC. We are also aware that not all students have access to technology at home, and will keep this in mind when considering challenge proof. No student, or other participant, is required to purchase technology.

The team at the CEDC is here to support teachers, their students, families and members of the public in the completion of challenges. If you have questions, would like suggestions on how to complete a challenge, or have an idea that you would like to pursue and would like to know if it would be approved, please contact [email protected]

We look forward to seeing the creative ways that teachers, students, families and individuals are able to complete the challenges, as well as how all participants in the CEDC are able to bring energy awareness into their homes!

Last updated: November, 2021