This year, we have bigger prizes than ever before, totalling $50,000!

The chances of winning a prize will depend on the number of challenges completed. See below for a brief breakdown and description of each prize. Please consult the rules and regulations.

Major Prizes

Challenge completion prize(s)

See chart

The more challenges a classroom completes, the greater their opportunity to win a challenge completion prize. A total of four random draws will occur. Only classrooms that meet the criteria listed below will be eligible to win.

Video Contest Prize(s)

3 prizes of $2,000 each

Three grand prizes will be awarded to top videos in each of the following categories: Most Student Driven, Best Everyday Energy Savings Tip, and Best Call to Action. Each grand prize is worth $2,000.

Secondary Prizes

Challenge Assignments

80 Prizes of $200

Five Challenge Assignment Prizes will be awarded for each of the 16 Challenge Assignments, totaling 80 Challenge Assignment Prizes. Each Challenge Assignment Prize will consist of $200.00.

16 Challenges Completed Pool Prize(s)

1 prize of $16,000 divided among winners

Five or more classrooms must complete all 16 challenges for this prize to be awarded. All eligible classes who complete all 16 challenges will split the prize of $16,000.00 evenly (excluding the winner of the top Challenge Completion prize).

Home Energy Challenges

2 prizes of $1,000 each

Two potential Home Energy Challenge prizes will be awarded, one for each challenge. Each Home Energy Challenge will consist of a $1,000.00 cheque to the winner. 10 runner up prizes will also be rewarded which will consist of 10 $100 Shell Gas Cards.

Energy Educator of the Year Award

2 prizes of $1,000 & plaque

Two potential Energy Educator of the Year Awards will be awarded. Each Energy Educator of the Year Award will consist of $1,000.00 and a plaque in the winner’s name.